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Coaching To Empower You To Reach Your Goals And Your Full Potential

It’s Time to Take Action

Development Dinners

Part leadership development workshop, part networking event - the topics are always changing and the women who attend are always amazing. Join us quarterly for this event!

Group Coaching

Something special happens when a motivated group of women gather around a goal whether that goal is for themselves or for one another. Come check out the power of group coaching in the fall and winter programs.

Individual Coaching

When you need to go deep and really focus, we can connect one-on-one. If you need to work through a particular challenge in a confidential, safe, and challenging environment, this is for you.


What’s Getting In Your Way?

Feeling stretched and stressed every day

Others consuming your time and sapping your energy

Afraid to take action and make changes

Struggling with guilt and overwhelm in your life

Who Is An UnShakeable Woman?

She Embraces Her Best Self

Grounded in her strengths and present in her personal life and work.

She’s Clear and In Control

Clear on her goals and in control of her day.

She’s a Stronger Leader

Confident to take steps to make a difference in her life and the lives of other’s.

It’s Time To Focus On Your Career And Life.


You've worked hard. 

Hi, I’m Stephanie. I understand.  Like you, I was juggling a stressful job with two young kids while working in corporate America for 20 years.  Often, I was struggling to prioritize my daily life, let alone my career plan. 

Today I'm a speaker, trainer, and certified life and executive coach. I lead dozens of women to feel more aligned in their life and profession.  I'm passionate about helping women become unshakeable and I can help you too. 

The first step is easy, schedule a call.


An Unshakeable Women harmonizes her work and life in a way that works for her, moving closer to her ideal life. Every. Single. Day

—Stephanie Polen

Unlock Your Strengths

and Take Action

Schedule A Call

Choose a time to talk and I’ll listen to your challenges, needs, and goals.

Choose Your Plan

Accountability and a clear plan for practical progress toward your goals.

Achieve Your Goals

Have the confidence to achieve more success in your life and business.


“Stephanie’s positive energy and genuine concern for her client’s long term success comes through. It has been a true pleasure working with her!”

— Sara Messerli, SHRM-CP, HR Director, Augeo

Coaching Choices


Development Dinners

Part development workshop, part dinner with your girlfriends, this series is designed to build your leadership skills and your confidence in a fun and engaging experience. Click to see the upcoming dates for the next event.


Group Coaching

An engaging 8-week action-packed group coaching program in a small group of like-minded professional women.  Register now to build confidence and the skills to take the right steps in your career and life.


Private Coaching

Private coaching for busy professional women who want accountability, a clear plan, and practical steps to move forward toward their goals. Schedule a call to discuss how to design the life you want.

Achieve Your Goals And Become The Confident, Successful Leader You’re Meant To Be

Testimonials From Unshakable Women Leaders


“What an unexpected, lovely evening! Between the wonderful women at my table and Stephanie’s practical tips, I left totally motivated to pursue my goals.” Diane V.

A leadership program that helps you to take an inward view of yourself and your leadershipit’s short and doesn’t take more than a few hours a weekbut it’s valuable in that you have concrete deliverables and output.” Keli B.

“Stephanie is transparent and direct and that allows her to bring people to believe that they can be GREAT leaders, either as individual contributors or leaders in an organization or within their community.” Rose S.